China plan on achieving 6G network by 2030

China plan on acheiving 6G network by 2030

5G network has been hit on Android mobile device for a while now, but China has take a step above other countries with the plan for 6G network.As said by the China Securities Journal, plan has already been put in place to make sure 6G network is achievable in 2030.

China 6G

The magazine make reference to the word of Su Xin, head of the whole 5G project in the Chinese Government’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Su Xin has start to dive into the detail of the fundamental aspect on what could be the application of the 6G.


The 5G network is expected to arrive in 2019, the 5G network speed is 1Gbps.This speed is imaginable years ago but it attainment has brought more people to get more hands on desk for 6G network speed 1 Tbps (1000 Gbps). As we expect the 5G network next year which will be very fast and make browsing more fun, next twelve years will be extraordinary with the 6G network.

Updated: April 11, 2020 — 10:46 am

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