Benefits of Headphones over Earphones

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There’s a constant thug of war between headphone and earphone users as to which is the best. It’s an unending debate and if anything, it ends with a relative resolve of “ it depends on your preference’’

So before if you are caught in the cross chairs but don’t necessarily know the difference between a headphone and earphone, I mean it’s all phone so what’s the big deal?

Well they are different. To begin with;

Advantages of Headphones over Earphones


There’s no debate headphones are comfortable compared to earbuds. This is mainly because of the padded built are the curbs which reduces the pressure applied on the ears. Headphones rest on your outward ear covering the whole area and blocks ambient noise better than earbuds ever could.

In many instances, a headphone can be word for considerable periods of time without pain. Earbuds can get a bit tiring when you stick them inside for long, it gets uncomfortable at times and you may want to pull it out for some time.

Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation is an acoustical technology that is developed to detect sounds outside of your headphones. Not only does it detect sound but reverses the phase of the sound waves and filters what is not coming from the music.

It is highly unlikely or almost impossible to find active noise cancellation in most earbuds. However, there are a few earbuds with active noise cancellation but comes at a cost an average user wouldn’t care to buy.

Better For Gaming

Gamers more than anyone know how important sounds are when they are running into a world that need you to percept sound and keep your eyes open.  It is important to heighten your perceptive and cognitive senses in a game using the best sound amplifier.

Most research has shown headphones to provide better and accurate frequencies compared to earbuds. Additionally, active noise cancellation makes it a better option for gaming needs.

Avoid Hearing Loss

Earphones get right into your carnal which increases the chances of destroying your canal. When you play music there is a direct contact between the sound and the canal which increases the odds of damaging the eardrums when you blast music. While the headphones rests on the ear, it does not directly get into the carnal, thus, limiting the risks associated with earphones.


Talk about durability, then headphones by a stretch long lasting than earbuds. I feel qualified as someone that has owned both to say that headphones can last upwards to three years or more if maintained well. While the same could be said of earbuds, most of my experience with earbuds ended tragically.

It either the cord got yanked, or one side of the buds stopped working, forcing me to dump it and get another one.

Updated: August 2, 2020 — 8:19 am

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